Second Hand September and I how I breath new life into reloved items in my home

So here we are again. It's September and as well as the month that it's back to school and the transition into Autumn, it's also now known as second hand September amongst those of us that cherish second hand objects. That'll be you and me right?

For most of us September isn't the only month dedicated to second hand shopping, it's a lifetime love affair, but's it's a great idea to dedicate a month to encourage others who have maybe shied away from charity shops, boot sales and antique fairs in the past, to give it a go.

I've been married for 33 years now and a home owner for 34 years and I've always bought second hand. It was partly a budget thing, I was 25 when I bought my first property, but it's also always been a love thing. I've always been drawn to antiques and vintage and an item with a history. I find it romantic that an item I've acquired, found under a table at a car boot sale or spent maybe more money on at a brocante fair, has been in other homes, loved, painted or made by someone else from another era. What stories that item could tell?

As an interior designer and stylist, I've often been told by people that they love antique items but as their home isn't a period property they wouldn't know how to add something preloved into their space. They're often not sure how an old item would work with their new products and I understand that apprehension, but by adding just a few small preloved items into the mix, that don't necessarily grab attention in the way a larger item, such as an armchair or cupboard would, you can gradually start to build up that mix of old and new.

I've added a few images, taken in and around my home, of items that are old but have been been pimped up to make them blend in with other newer items we have and give them a new lease of life. I also believe artwork from any era, always looks great, adding colour, texture and interest to a blank wall in any space.

I always have a selection of original antique and vintage artwork for sale on my website & other dealers who have beautiful collections of art include:

  1. Collins & Green
  2. Medium Room
  3. Kate Price Interiors


If you don't want a large statement piece of art, then vintage prints from art books or bought from gallery exhibitions and framed look lovely hung in a vertical row. I often sell vintage prints on my website or another source of beautiful art prints is The Musee Home.

So have a look at a few of my vintage finds and how I've used them and let me know by dm on my instagram which you can find here, if you too mix old and new to create an eclectic interior or if second hand September may have encouraged you to give it a go next time you're at a boot sale or antique fair.

An old metal factory window has been repurposed into a mirror by adding some off cuts of mirror glass.

A large picture frame found at an antique fair has also been glazed to make an over mantle mirror

A shelving unit found at kempton racecourse antique market is useful storage for magazines and objects and the original white paintwork would work in any room in the house.

If the original paintwork is past it's best or doesn't suit your interior decor, a few coats of paint will remedy that. This small Georgian table was quite battered when we found it but after a repaint with Summer Pudding by Atelier Ellis it's got a new lease of life.

If you're more of a minimalist and don't want colourful artwork in your home, vintage large format photography works really well in a neutral scheme.

The small Victorian bobbin lamp was rewired and topped with a new shade from Pooky, another way to mix old and new.


Happy hunting xx

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