The History of Paintings

Are you a lover of the past? Do you find beauty in all things old and classic? Or do you just love a vintage look and feel to your home?


The History of Paintings

From the beginnings of mankind, paintings have remained an integral part of our existence. The first paintings date back to the Neolithic era, with the earliest known oil painting being found in the 14th Century. The world has seen an exciting series of exceptional art movements, including Realism, Impressionism and Surrealism.


Why Choose a Vintage Painting?

The word ‘vintage’ means anything that has been produced in the past that is typical of its period. Essentially, when you buy a piece of vintage art, you are buying a piece of history.

It’s no wonder that wall art is one of the most favoured ways to decorate the home. Choosing the right painting can completely change the mood and style of a room, allowing you to transform it into a space that reflects your personality and interests. Vintage paintings can help us teleport to another era, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and evoking precious memories.

You could feature a piece of vintage art as a statement piece or collect your favourites and hang them in a thoughtful arrangement for some interesting eye candy. We recommend placing a piece of vintage wall art in your home above your desk, bed, or table for maximum impact. You can also pair vintage art with other forms of antique décor to add a special touch to your home.


Our Collection of Vintage Arts & Prints

The Old Potato Store’s selection of vintage art ranges from 18th Century French oil paintings to 1940s still life paintings, landscape and seascape artwork and original photography to create interest and an eclectic style to your wall art. Whether you are seeking a rare, original & unique oil painting on canvas, a vintage landscape, a French portrait painting or a piece of religious artwork, I've probably got just the thing you're looking for and if I haven't you can always contact me to request a special search for the item you're looking for!

Here at The Old Potato Store, I'm passionate about searching high and low for beautiful antique and vintage art. Art has been a lifelong passion for me and I've visited many of the worlds greatest art galleries, so everything I buy is with a well honed and practised eye.  All vintage art pieces are sold exactly as they have been found, without being restored in any way.

The Old Potato Store offers the very best vintage and antique original art, prints & photography that will utterly transform your living space into a unique home.