Why Choose Vintage Furniture


The History of Furniture

Vintage furniture covers any piece of furniture which is over 40 years old. Even if a piece has been restored or upcycled, it’s still classed as vintage if it was created before 1980. 

Before the 1930s, furniture was widely produced by hand and often featured decorative flourishes such as floral motifs and curved lines. Between the 1920s and 1940s, modernism took the world by storm, with a distinct focus on form, structure, and a lack of ornamentation. After the 1960s, an experimental style took over, with many pieces encompassing bold colours and interesting ideas.

Why Choose Vintage Furniture?

Vintage furniture encompasses expert craftsmanship, wonderful stories, and a fascinating history. It has an elegantly timeless appeal, which fits into a traditional or contemporary space. When you choose vintage furniture, you’re choosing quality that will last. You can count on vintage furniture to retain its value and last a long time – after all, there’s a reason why it has already lasted so long

My Collection of Vintage Furniture

The Old Potato Store’s selection of vintage furniture ranges from 19th Century Victorian slipper chairs to mid-20th Century child’s chairs, and everything in between. Whether you are seeking a chippy paint peeled wooden stool, a velvet occasional chair, an Anglo-Indian hardwood side table, an antique apothecary workshop chest of drawers or a rustic European milking stool, we’ve got you covered!

Here at The Old Potato Store, I am passionate about searching high and low for beautiful vintage furniture. As a professional designer, I'm aware of current trends and so often source pieces for your home with these in mind, including modern farmhouse, cottage core style. Rustic modern country and country house style and gothic revival pieces.