Why Choose Vintage Home Décor?

Are you a lover of the past? Do you find beauty in all things old and classic? Or do you just love a vintage look and feel to your home?


The History of Home Décor

Interior design can be seen throughout the ages. Home decoration can be traced back to the cavemen, when cave dwellers painted pictures on their walls. Prior to the 18th Century, only the noble and very rich could create a beautifully decorated home, with hand-made furniture and ornaments being seen as a status symbol. The Ancient Romans enjoyed displaying their wealth in their homes, with custom-built furniture to accommodate their needs.

Interior design only really became popular in the 18th Century early modern period when luxury items became more affordable for ordinary people. The 19th Century saw the rise of mass production, which allowed more people to decorate their home’s interiors. The post-war years saw a distinct renaissance in interior design, with an emphasis on modern rather than traditional styles.


Why Choose Vintage Home Décor?

You can enhance the interior of any room in your home with some lovely vintage and antique accessories and décor. Discover fascinating items from historical time periods, as well as classic design pieces that remain popular to this day. Add a sense of character and showcase your appreciation for past craftsmanship via some beautiful vintage home décor. You don’t need to completely renovate a room; small vintage and antique furniture, decorative items & accessories can completely change the look and feel of even the plainest room. You could add an accent piece or make a bold statement with some unusual vintage pieces – the only limit is your imagination!


My Collection of Vintage Home Décor

The Old Potato Store’s selection of vintage home decor ranges from Victorian church hymn cards to vintage Japanese decorative bowls, and everything in between. Whether you are seeking a wooden carved Eastern European dough bowl, a French grain sack, an antique sailor’s souvenir or a Japanese textbook with calligraphy, you'll usually find I have them in stock and if I haven't got just what you're looking for, please contact me as I'm always out searching the Uk and Europe for new stock.

I am passionate about searching high and low for beautiful vintage & antique home décor. Each piece of vintage style home décor has been handpicked to ensure for optimum quality and add a distinctive edge to your home or business.